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How to GET RID of gold ?

  … in the most unusual way? Let me describe the problem before I ask for what you think.  An other day I'll talk about bank alt city, but for instance read

The circumstances

One day, I decided to roll an Alliance toon (usually playing only Horde). And so I transferred some starter cash with a little help from a “friend”, which was around 1500g to be exact.

The plan was simple: Once I would have made enough money to buy out all the cheap Argent Tournament pets, I’d transfer them back and be done with it. That’s why I’ve got a guild bank tab full of Alliance pets, by the way, but here’s what happened afterwards:

The gold just came flowing in all day without much of an effort once the special niche business was set up and running. So there’s this level 10 Draenei Mage now who’s sitting on 35k gold and lots of stuff to sell (mostly rare equipment pieces), even though I stopped buying long ago.

The problem

As it happens to be, I’m in desperate need of character slots right now, and this character has been something I’ve been pondering about for quite some time. Obviously, that’s way too much money to simply delete him, but also too much stuff to wait until it’s all sold and then transfer it back somehow.

Directly transferring money via the Booty Bay AH seems a waste because of the huge cut. So far, I’ve considered buying some easy-to-transfer stuff such as the Argent Tournament pets, but couldn’t think of much except Vial of the Sands (too expensive) and Mechano Hog (won’t work, because Alliance <-> Horde). I could try to find an Engineer that wants to buy the Mechano Hog parts and transfer them, but there’s the AH cut again..

I thought of more unusual things to “waste” that money, too, such as giving it all to a random level 1 player, but I’m not sure if that’s funny at all. This is definitely not the best solution, but if it’s worth it (in terms of “fun”), I’ve got enough money to “waste” it that way.

Surely they might get a heart attack, but it could also be an alt, or someone else who doesn’t value it anyway, i.e. wasting it without a purpose. I also thought of organising some kind of “event”, if I can’t find a way to actually get that money back (i.e., transferring it), but again I’m not sure whether that’s even permitted nor could I think of something appropriately entertaining.

The solution?

Well… there’s none! That’s why I decided to ask you, especially knowing that most of you probably are more creative when it comes to things like this. What do you think?