gold for Runescape - for sale

gold for Runescape - for sale

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Law Rune crafting- Tips for Runescape's gold

(made available to everyone)

Law Talisman Changes

This week brings a change that will have an impact on the Runecrafting skill. We have realised that obtaining the law talisman as a reward for completing Troll Stronghold is not really adequate, considering the difficulty of the quest. Such a tough and demanding quest deserves a better reward, so, as of today, members can trade the law talisman and law tiara. Players will now be able to take advantage of the Assist System at the Law Altar, so that anyone with the required Runecrafting level can help those with a lower skill level to produce law runes. This change opens up law rune crafting to a wider group of players, which benefits everyone.
If you’ve yet to complete or have already completed Troll Stronghold, fear not! We have no wish to devalue the hard work necessary to complete the quest, so we are replacing the law talisman reward with two experience lamps that give 10,000 XP each into any skill over level 30. You will not lose the law talisman you already received for completing the quest, and anyone who completes the quest from this point on will receive the two experience lamps, but no talisman.
There are now more ways to obtain the law talisman. In addition to trading it with other players or buying it from the Grand Exchange, the law talisman is now a monster drop for a variety of foes, including abyssal creatures, battle tortoises, terror birds, ghouls, guards, and paladins.
If you have already completed Troll Stronghold, you will need to speak to Dunstan, the blacksmith in Burthorpe, to claim your new reward.


*This will cause a drop in the cost of Law runes - especially now that the free law companies are starting back up. This means if you go to 36 you can get assistance to craft Law runes for your self, which means another big loss for runecrafters, gp-wise.

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