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guild wars 2 gold guide

the resource to find guild wars 2 gold , for the best MMO\'s game of 2012 like experimenting with Online Gaming : we\\\'ve seen the trailers, the screen shots and interviews with guild wars mastermind H. Kojima. We know the boss battles will kick ass, the stealth mechanics will rock and the entire experience will be super cinematic. However,  turns out all those wacked-out, mutated bosses

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12000 items in stock


$78.00 per 560

Gold Journey Update: Show Me the Money, 500k Milestone Reached !

What I have been selling

Nothing different than usual, my main top income source is now Jewelcrafting, on server reset days I sell tons of gems and enchants. Last day I managed to pull 36k from AH just with enchants (mats/scrolls) and gems.

On glyph markets I have been having some fun, keeping glyphs under 30g is pretty fun, but I think that I will please my competitors and post glyphs at ‘normal price’ again.

I know that you guys and girls like some images, so here is few pics from MySales (1 Month).


What in future?

Aiming for 1 Million is still main focus of course . But I have now spent some time to level new alts. My shaman is level 73, mage 69 and hunter 64. Everyone gonna be Alchemists with Transmute mastery (thinking to make one potion master, but not sure) and few more jewelcrafters.

Now I must watch some news about epic gems and other changes, because they may have some impact to my markets. Also I need to sharpen my strategies and build some stockpile for patch 4.3. This new patch will bring many challenges for all of us.