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gold for the new episode of Wow

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$200.00 per 1000

For the first time, the World of Warcraft MMO will let players try the exclusive loot you can only get from premium cards in the World of Warcraft TCG for free during the public test of patch 2.4.3. This loot includes a pet that converts your victims' souls into a unique currency for the Soul-Trader shop opening with the new patch, and a disco party item!

Time Is Money, But Don’t Hurry!

Take a Chill Pill

Time is  money, you can spend your time with different strategies, like killing level 9 boars or do some shufflin’. But it’s really up to you  what strategy you use to gain gold, but don’t hurry too much, take a chill pill.

Auction House as a Tool.

Auction House is a great tool for gold farmers and goblins but there are some things that you may fail with.

Common mistakes are:

1. Always to undercut the lowest item – You don’t have to undercut the lowest one. Ex. If there is 3x Hypnotic Dust posted 1g20s each and then 20x Hypnotic Dust 3g20s, you can post your dust 3g19s. Because it’s pretty sure that some one will buy those few cheaper one and then yours.

2.” All-in Strategy” – Another mistake is to list all your items at once to Auction House. When Customer sees lot’s of items at auction house, they think that item is easily obtained and might not buy them.

3. Undercutting too much – There is always people who undercuts pretty much (Like 10-20% of price). These sellers hope that their item would be sold faster (Some sellers don’t care about money always =  | ). But some people may use heavy undercutting to keep competitors away from their markets.

It’s better to wait than sell with low prices!