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Wow tips : Myst of Pandaria 

Ready to MoP up the competition ! 

Yeah I think the title is a bit lame too and I bet someone else out there has already used it, but it was the best I could do and it made me chuckle at 2am.  Anyway I’m posting to give and update with where I’m at and how I’m planning to attack when Mists of Pandaria is launched.

Recent Activity

I started selling items again with a renewed gusto after a few months off (Diablo III did a great job of clearing my slate in WoW).  Sales have been steady but only a fraction compared to what they were.  I started selling again with the intention to finance a massive stockpiling effort that I hope to pay off well into MoP.  As it turns out I managed to stockpile everything on my list (which I’ll go over in a bit), plus pull in around 20,000g on my bank toon.  I have already stopped buying materials for sales and am running on what I have left, but those will run out in the next few days.  On a different note I leveled a Paladin to 85 and now have 7 max level characters.  Oh how the MoP grind is going to kill me about halfway through them. Or try  yourself  for making wow gold  : immersing myself 

The List

Here’s my list of items that I’m hoping will bring a higher gold amount mid to late MoP.  This is a long term investment and I can get pretty antsy about this stuff so we’ll see how it pans out.

Herbs: Azshara’s Veil (600), Cinderbloom (600), Heartblossom (600), Stormvine (600), Twilight Jasmine (600), Whiptail (600)
I didn’t grab a ton of herbs because there are more unique herbs than ores or leather.

Ore: Elementium Ore (3,920), Pyrite Ore (3,920)
Obsidium Ore is outrageously expensive and in extremely short supply on my server so I avoided it.  Also 3,920 is equal to 2 guild bank tabs, that’s why you see the odd number.

Leather: Savage Leather (1,960)
Blackened Dragonscales didn’t make much sense to stock because they are used for rare or better items.  I’m sure there will be people who want to gear their alts in the level 85 PvP gear when they get to level, but I don’t think the demand will be great enough to have it take up space.

Cloth: Embersilk Cloth (1,960)
With fewer people farming the Cataclysm zones, Embersilk Cloth will turn into the beast that Frostweave Cloth did.  It was selling for less than 1g per cloth at the end of Wrath, but by mid Cata, it had jumped to a 4g average (it’s since dropped to just under 3g), I even saw it hit 8g at one point!

Enchanting: Hypnotic Dust (2,160)
I went with just Hypnotic Dust for enchanting materials because I have a real concern about essences, shards and crystals.  People won’t be needing shards and crystals because those are used in the higher end enchants and not a lot are needed for leveling the profession.  I’ve been on the fence about essences but my concern is that the price won’t go up a whole lot from where it sits.  I would have to see prices under 10g per to make a move on them.

Volatiles: Volatile Air (1,000), Volatile Earth (1,000), Volatile Fire (1,000), Volatile Life (1,000), Volatile Water (1,000)
The same idea with cloth applies here.  Less people in the zones = less supply.  The nice part about stocking these is that I didn’t put a lot of money into them.  Volatile Air was the most expensive of the bunch and I transmuted about 800 of the 1,000 I have stocked.  Hooray for 3 alchemists!

Inscription Inks: Celestial Ink (390), Ethereal Ink (960), Ink of the Sea (2,160), Jadefire Ink (390), Lion’s Ink (390), Midnight Ink (390), Shimmering Ink (390)
I stocked inks with a different idea in mind.  I capitalized on insanely cheap Whiptail prices (like 10g per stack!) to stock up on inks.  That way when MoP comes around and all the scribes are having to farm or pay crazy prices for new herbs for inks to trade in, I already have them!  Not to mention with 10g per stack of herbs, my cost per glyph is super low.

Glyphs:  5 of each glyph my scribe can craft (337 unique glyphs totaling 1,685 overall).
Continuing on the dirt cheap herb prices, I went ahead and crafted 5 of each glyph my scribe can currently make.  I know it’s a gamble because some glyphs are being wiped and some are changing, but as inexpensive as it was to buy the herbs, I won’t end up losing money here.

Plans for MoP Selling

Okay I know this is getting lengthy so I’ll keep this part short.  My initial plan for selling in MoP is, believe it or not, to do nothing.  Up until the first patch I will be leveling my characters, gearing them up, and leveling their professions by farming all the materials.  Why am I doing it this way?  Well there are a couple of answers to that.  First is that I’m starting school again and I can’t let an aggressive play style interrupt that.  Secondly, I want to really enjoy this expansion on my main.  For Cataclysm I raced through everything on my druid and even though I hadn’t experienced much, I felt bored leveling my second character to 85.


I’m REALLY looking forward to Mists of Pandaria.  I was pumped before the cinematic was released and now I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve, who can’t sleep thanks to all the excitement.  And although I intend to dive in head first when it’s released, you probably won’t see me posting, at least not on a regular basis, until patch 5.1.